Dangerous Diseases Caused by Raccoons


Raccoons are susceptible to a large number of different infectious agents including bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Several of these infectious diseases are zoonotic. Veterinarians are faced with the diagnosis and treatment of wildlife including raccoons and need to be able to make the correct diagnosis as well as educate clients on the potential hazards associated with exposure to raccoons. An expert can help you in Rochester Hills Michigan raccoon removal without causing any dangerous risks, for more information call us today!

What is Leptospirosis?

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Leptospirosis is a common bacterial disease in raccoons caused by a number of different species of Leptospira. Trans­mission is thought to occur via urine contamination   of   feed   and   water. Antemortem diagnosis is based upon serology and dark field examination of urine. Histopathologic examination and fluorescent antibody testing of liver and kidney are two postmortem procedures that  can be done to help further aid the diagnosis of leptospirosis. Other natural bacterial infections reported in raccoons are listeriosis,yersiniosis,pasteurellosis, and tularemia.  

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