About Us

“Their professionalism exemplified in how well they worked to get the work done promptly and completely. No wonder why they are very successful in their business. Left nothing undone, and secured everything that there are no raccoons left on our home. We were very pleased with the outcome. Thank you, Platinum Wildlife Removal in solving our wildlife issues.” – Royce Hagberg

“This service did great work explaining the issue and potential solutions. The mama and the baby raccoons were out of reach behind the attic. The team of Platinum Wildlife Removal brought them all out in just a short amount of time, and thankfully they removed it safely. I will definitely recommend them for wildlife removal, they are truly professional.” – Jemima Gregory

“Platinum Wildlife service is great, they came out to my home located the issue to a raccoon having access to my basement. Top notch service, if you have an issue with rodents or wildlife in your home I highly recommend Platinum Wildlife.” – Walter Smith

“Outstanding service. Being a disabled Veteran, Erin worked with me, when he didn’t have to. He understood my issue and allowed me to pay in 2 days, which I am personally walking in to shake hands. The tech Kory was just as great, Kory advise me what would take place and even sprayed the area to eliminate the death smell. These 2 are valued employees to your company. The dead racoon was bigger than my dog. Highly recommend, praying I don’t have a another dead racoon. But if do my first call is to Platinum Wildlife.” – Eric Brocks

“The tech did a great job getting the momma and baby raccoons out of my attic. He sealed the entryway and disinfected the attic. Great job. The price is the only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars. I would definitely use this company again despite the cost.” – Richard Waltjen

Our Wildlife Control Skills

We specialize in humane removal of animals, damage repair, feces and droppings cleanup, dead animal removal, animal proofing & wildlife exclusion, attic cleanouts and more.

The Most Common Raccoon Problems  That We Solve

  • Raccoons In The Attic
  • Raccoons In The Chimney
  • Raccoons Digging Up Lawns
  • Baby Raccoon Removal

Licensed By The Michigan Department Of Natural Resources


We know that these are trying times. People are scared and confused. We want all of our customers to know, that we are here for you. As exterminators, our services are considered essential by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as WORKERS ESSENTIAL CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE DURING COVID-19 RESPONSE.

With this in mind, we know that it is crucial to take every step possible to keep contact to a minimum and reduce and possibility to exposure to our customers and our employees. Because of this we have taken ADDITIONAL measures to reduce any risks.

I haven’t heard that noise before?

With the influx of families staying home, we have had a spike in homeowners hearing running and chewing in their attic that may have went unnoticed with the normal everyday hustle and bustle of daily life. Rest assured you have found the right company, even amongst this crisis, to handle any nuisance wildlife issue.

Did you know?

A lot of our work can be done from the exterior of your home? We can fully assess and seal up most homes from the outside without ever entering your house! You can also pay with a credit card over the phone. This allows you to have our full range of services done, while maintaining proper social distancing.

So please don’t hesitate. Call us now to set up an appointment. You can know that you have the most capable wildlife removal team at your disposal and that we are ready no matter what to rid you of those critters!